Endress+Hauser Level Sensors


Levelflex FMP57-5JW5/0, LC=4000мм


Ultrasonic level gauge

  • Measuring range in liquids: 5 m
  • Measuring range in bulk products: 2 m
  • Case material: durable aluminum

Vibronic Point level detection Liquiphant FTL31

Liquiphant FTL51 vibrating level switch

Optical nitrate or organic load sensor Viomax CAS51D

Conductivity 2 electrode sensor

Conductivity, 2-electrode sensor

Turbidity assembly Flowfit CUA252

Microwave limit switch FDR56

Ultrasonic measurement Time-of-Flight Prosonic FDU91

Ultrasonic level gauge FDU93

Hydrostatic Level measurement Deltapilot FMB50

Hydrostatic Level measurement Deltapilot FMB70

Hydrostatic Level measurement Deltapilot FMB70

Capacitance Level measurement Liquicap FMI51

Capacitance Level measurement Liquicap FMI52

Capacitance Level measurement Liquicap FMI52

Time-of-Flight Levelflex FMP57 Guided Level Radar

Micropilot FMR52 Time-of-Flight Level Radar

Non-contact microwave level gauge Micropilot FMR54

Micropilot FMR56 Time-of-Flight Level Radar

Waterpilot FMX21 hydrostatic level probe

Hydrostatic Level measurement

Microwave limit switch FQR56

Capacitive level detection

Capacitive level detection

Capacitance Point level detection

Capacitive Level Sensing

Capacitance Point level switch Nivotester FTC325

In modern industrial enterprises, various process control systems are considered, aimed at solving, first of all, a solution that reduces the influence of operators on the operation of production risks and equipment. Much attention is paid to the high frequency and speed of operation of all elements of the system. In this regard, great demands are placed on instruments and devices that are regulated by circulation volumes, including in the processes of measuring and controlling the level of water, liquid secretions, bulk and others.

For this reason, Endress Houser electronic level sensors are very popular. A distinctive edge of electronic level actuators over mechanic ones is the high accuracy of grade dimension.

Endress Hauser Level Switch is a device that allows you to track the amount of a liquid or bulk substance by the level of its surface in a certain container. Level sensors can produce a discrete (on reaching a certain level) or a continuous signal (the absolute height of the current level) depending on the principle of operation.

Basic Types of EH Level Transmitters

  • capacitive scale sensors,
  • conductometric level sensors,
  • hydrostatic sensors,
  • vibration alarms,
  • ultrasonic and acoustic level gauges,
  • optical level indicators,
  • radioisotope actuators,
  • microwave radar level transmitter

Endress Hauser Capacitive Level Probes measure the level of the product by changing the capacitance of the built-in capacitor when the level changes. Capacitive and conductometric level sensors are the most cost-efficacious options for the purchase and implementation of devices and are able to work both as grade sensors and as level selectors.

E&H Hydrostatic Level Transmitter is designed to control the level of liquid and gaseous products. The measurement is made by determining the height of the liquid or gas column by the level of its pressure on the sensitive element of the sensor. Hydrostatic electronic level sensors are capable of making continuous measurements as well as signaling limit values.

Point Level Switches are used to monitor level limits for bulk solids or liquid products. When the frequency changes, the electronic control unit detects the achievement of a predetermined level.

Optical level switches operate on the principle of photocells and are designed for monitoring limit values. Depending on the selected modification of the sensor, light waves of a certain length emitted by the emitter of the device are interrupted by the controlled medium or reflected from it.

Endress Hauser Ultrasonic Level Transmitter has a similar principle of operation and use supersonic pulses referred from the output to measure. The product level is measured by the transit time of the pulse, taking into account the volume of the container and the type of controlled substance.

Radiometric level transmitters operate on the basis of the radiation of gamma rays passing through the controlled product and entering the Geiger counter. Accordingly, the level of the product is determined by measuring the radiation absorbed by the product: the less radiation hits the Geiger counter, the higher the level.

The most high-tech today is E&H Radar Level Transmitter. Unlike other level control methods, microwave radar devices are less sensitive to the properties of the product, as well as to the possible formation of dust, foam, and evaporation.

Scope of Endress Hauser Level Switches

E&H Level Sensors, due to the distinction in degree dimension methods, have a wide range of applications in many industries. Basically, the devices are used to control the level of various types of liquid and bulk materials.

Most of the manufactured electronic level sensors have special hygienic approvals, explosion-proof versions, as well as modifications that are resistant to chemical attack, high temperatures and big push. This allows the devices to be used in hazardous industries, explosive areas, medicine, food production, and other areas.

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