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  • SIMOTICS S Synchronous servo motor 1FK7
  • Compact 0.85Nm 
  • 100K 
  • 6000rpm 
  • 0.38kW
  • 1FK7-CT PN=0.59kW 
  • UDC=600V 
  • M0=3Nm (100K) 
  • NN=2000rpm
  • 1FK7-CT PN=0.59kW 
  • UDC=600V 
  • M0=3Nm (100K) 
  • NN=2000rpm
  • 1FK7-HD PN=1.2kW 
  • UDC=600V 
  • M0=4.5Nm (100K) 
  • NN=3000rpm


  • 1FK7 Compact 6.0 Nm 
  • 100K 3000 rpm 
  • 1.48 kW naturally cooled IM B5 (IM V1, IM V3)
  • 1FK7-CT PN=2.3kW 
  • UDC=600V 
  • M0=11Nm (100K) 
  • NN=3000rpm
  • 1FK7-CT PN=8.2kW 
  • UDC=600V M0=48Nm (100K) 
  • NN=3000rpm
  • 1AV2112B low-voltage motor 
  • IEC squirrel-cage rotor
  • self-cooled
  • SD.NC62ST-1PH8 
  • 65 Kg
  • SD.NC62ST-1PH8 
  • 89 Kg


NH000, 80A, gG, Un AC: 500V, Un DC: 250V, Front indicator, live grip lugs 


Siemens SITOR Semiconductor Fuse

  • Supply voltage: 450A, AC 800V
  • Ambient temperature: -20 … +50 °C
  • Weight: 0,684 Kg


Coupling relays with relay output (not plug-in)


Circuit breaker

  • Operating voltage: 690V
  • Operation: - 20...+ 60 °С
  • Weight: 0.369kg

SIRIUS soft starter S2 45 A

  • S2 63 A
  • 30 kW/400 V
  • 40 °C 200-480 V AC
  • 24 V AC/DC Screw terminals
  • S6 117 A
  • 75 hp/460 V
  • 50 °C 200-460 V AC
  • 115 V AC Screw terminals


Safety relay

  • Rated voltage: 300 V
  • Working temperature: -40...+80 °C
  • Installation altitude: 2000 m



  • Control voltage: DC 24V
  • Working: - 25...+ 55 ° С
  • Weight: 217g
  • 0.795 Kg

6AU1400 SERIES SIMOTION Drive-based, PM21, 0.03 Kg

  •  KTP700 Basic
  • Basic Panel
  • Key/touch operation
  • 7" TFT display
  • 65536 colors
  • 9&quot
  • 16 MIL.
  • Touch operation
  • 12" widescreen TFT display
  • 16 million colors, PROFINET interface
  • MPI/PROFIBUS DP interface
  • 12 MB configuration memory
  • Comfort Panel
  • key operation
  • 7" widescreen TFT display
  • Input: 120-230 V AC 110-220 V DC
  • Output: 24 V DC/20 A

SITOP PSU300S 40A Stabilized power supply (3-phase)

  • Input: 3 AC 400-500 V
  • Output: 24 V DC/40 A
  • Input: DC 24 V/12 A
  • Output: 24 V DC/4x 3 A
  • Level adjustable 0.5-3 A mit status message for each output

SITOP PSU8200 24 V/40 A Regulated power supply (3-phase)

  • Input: 3AC 400-500 V
  • Output: 24 V DC/40 A
  • Input: 24 V DC/40 A
  • Output: 24 V DC/4x 10 A
  • Threshold value adjustable 2-10 A
  • With monitoring interface

The presentation of Siemens catalog you can find here: Siemens overview pdf 

Siemens AG is the German concern, which is one of the leaders in the production of electronics, electrical and energy equipment.

German engineer Werner von Siemens founded Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Company in 1847. Originally, it has specialized in telegraph. For 150 years of continuous development, a small firm has become a world-famous brand. The present-day scale of the enterprise is so large that it is now divided into separate sectors: Energy, Industry, Healthcare, and Infrastructure & Cities.

One of the main directions of the concern is industrial automation. The manufacturer produces parts for all production cycles, from converters to smart controllers.

Siemens industrial automation products

For the industrial automation sector, SIMATIC products are available. They operate on the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) platform. This category combines: SIMATIC industrial automation systems, SIMOTION control units and SINUMERIK CNC devices.

The latest technologies improved data management efficiency, and ensured the rapid interaction between all parts of industrial cycles. Siemens automation products support all common protocols and interfaces (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, TSN, AS-interface, IP-Link etc.) due to their high standardization level.

Siemens drive technology

The concern is also one of the market leaders in the direction of drive technology. Siemens provides the following equipment in this segment:

  • Frequency converters
  • Electric Motors
  • Generators
  • Gear Units
  • Gear Motors

Frequency converters category includes low-voltage, medium-voltage and DC drives for different purpose. Devices are available in various sizes, productivity and cost depending on their task.

Previously, all devices were part of the Micromaster family, now they all belong to the new generation of SINAMICS. Newer models process data more efficiently. They are also easier to maintain and more productive than obsolete series.

Electric motors is a broad category that combines both synchronous and asynchronous types. The products are divided into several classes: Low voltage motors (0.09kW-5MW), High-voltage motors (up to 100MW) and DC motors. The manufacturer also produces units for motion control (SIMOTICS S. SIMOTICS M, SIMOTICS L and SIMOTICS T).

Generators as previous categories have several types. The company produces not only electrical (low or high voltage) but also diesel and turbine-driven generators. There are industrial generators of the SIGENTICS series and wind generators with a capacity of up to 100MW.

Geared motors include SIMOGEAR products. They form the optimum synchronous-reluctance drive system in assembly with the SIMOTICS motors and frequency drives. Devices of such type have energy efficiency class of IE4 and may operate with overload of 200%.

Additional gear units are also included in this category. The subsidiary Flender Company produces such goods. It creates helical, bevel-helical and planetary gear units.

Siemens measurement equipment

Reliability and accuracy has made controlling and measuring Siemens devices quite popular around the World.

The manufacturer creates equipment for control of the following parameters:

  • Pressure
  • Expense
  • Temperature
  • Level
  • Weight

SITRANS P is a family of pressure measuring devices. They are highly accurate and robust. These features allow them to work optimally in harsh conditions under high pressure. In addition to the main classes, series SITRANS P Compact is also available for the food and pharmaceutical industries and series SITRANS LH for hydrostatic pressure measurement.

SITRANS F includes coriolis, electromagnetic, vortex, ultrasonic flow meters, and rotameters. Different operating principles allow them to work with various materials. Differential pressure level devices are available too.

Level measurement sensors include equipment with contact and non-contact operating principle. Diverse models are created for signaling the limit level or for continuous monitoring of the processes. This category includes series such as: Pointek, SITRANS LVL, SITRANS LVS and some smaller one.

SITRANS T devices provide stable and reliable temperature measurement. Series for mounting in the sensor head, on the rail and stand-alone converters are available. Concern also makes models with improved explosion protection for use in harsh environments.

SIWAREX are modular weight measuring devices. This category combines dispensers, weight measuring cells, autonomous modules and even devices for controlling the flow of bulk materials.

In addition to the main products, recorders, controllers, protective devices, communication and industrial software are also produced. All parts are available for integration into the TIA system.

The company also manufactures number of other components for industrial systems. SITOP power supplies, SIRIUS control equipment and software are very popular worldwide.

For a century and a half, Siemens AG has become a symbol of quality and reliability for its customers. Today the company occupies a leadership positions in all major sectors of the industrial market.