Pepperl+Fuchs VAZ-R4-R2

Interface converter RS-232C/RS-485
Pepperl+Fuchs VAZ-R4-R2
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Interface typeStandard PC RS-232 interface with 9-pin D-SUB connector (female)
RS-485 interface with 9-pin D-SUB connector (male)
Transfer rateup to 57600 Bit/s
Ambient temperature0 ... 55 В°C (32 ... 131 В°F)
ConnectionRS 232 , RS-485
Cable lengthfor RS 232 and RS 485 each max. 2 m
Storage temperature-25 ... 70 В°C (-13 ... 158 В°F)
Dimensions63, 54, 17 mm (L, W, H)
Power supplydraws its power supply from RS 232 interface of the PC
Pin 4 (DTR) must be permanently high.
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