Baumer incremental encoders for general purpose


Baumer incremental encoders have different range of sizes for variety purposes.


  1. Incremental encoders series
  2. Encoders with diameter up to 49mm
  3. Encoders with housing size 58 mm
  4. Incremental encoders with large hollow shaft

Incremental encoders series

All presented type sensors have small dimensions and a high accuracy rate. They have a robust modular design, which allows to optimally integrate them with other industrial equipment.

The Swiss company produces both general-purpose encoders and specialized ones. Basic models differ in operation principle and installation method.

Baumer IVO produces following types of incremental encoders:

  • With diameter up to 49 mmBaumer incremenental encoder
  • With housing diameter of 58mm
  • Large hollow shaft
  • Sine/Cosine
  • Industrial inch size/ square flange
  • Euro flange Reo

Each of the presented categories, in addition to the size indicator, has a number of unique functions.

Let's consider general-purpose sensors in detail.

Encoders with diameter up to 49mm

The most compact sensors of the brand are devices with a diameter up to 49 mm. They are intended primarily to save workspace. Such category includes models with solid and hollow shafts, as well as with optical and magnetic operating principles.

Series of Baumer encoders with housing diameter up to 49 mm includes:

  • ITD 01 B14 (optical, solid shaft)
  • ITD 01 A4 (optical blind hollow shaft)
  • BDK 16 (optical solid shaft)
  • BHK 16 (optical hollow shaft)
  • BRIV 30 (magnetic solid shaft)
  • BRIV 30R (magnetic solid shaft)
  • BRIH 40 (magnetic hollow shaft)

The line of optical devices has a sturdy housing with a diameter sizes from 24 to 49 mm. The solid shaft in this category have Ø4 - 5 mm and the hollow shaft is equal Ø4 - 12 mm. Sensors may work with resolution up to 2048 ppr.

The second type is devices with magnetic operation principle. They are less accurate but more reliable. The highest resolution in this category is 1024 ppr. Solid shaft in the models has diameter with dimensions 5, 6 and 8 mm. The BRIH 40 model has a blind hollow shaft Ø6 or 12mm. Sensors of this type use EcoMag technology, that makes them durable due to resilient magnetic sensing.

Encoders with housing size Ø58 mm

This category includes all sensors with housing diameter equal to 58 mm made of robust all-metal material. It also includes both optical and magnetic options with different shaft types.

Baumer incremental encoders Ø58 family includes the following series:

  • EIL580-SC (optical solt shaft)
  • EIL580-SY (optical solid shaft) resilient
  • EIL580-B (optical blind hollow shaft)
  • EIL580-T (optical through hollow shaft)
  • BRIV 58K (magnetic solid shaft)
  • BRIV 58S (magnetic solid shaft)
  • BRIH 58S (magnetic hollow shaft)
  • BRID 58S (magnetic through hollow shaft)

Such sensors use the new OptoPulse technology, which provides ultra-high accuracy over a wide temperature range. The EIL580-SC model has a clamping flange and a shaft Ø10 mm for mechanical connection, and the EIL580-SY uses synchronic flange with a 6 mm shaft. The maximum size of the hollow shaft in the series is 15 mm. Resolution of such optical encoders can reach up to 65 536 ppr.

The magnetic sensors of this type can be up to 2048 ppr of measurement accuracy. Dimensions of the solid shaft are identical to the optical analogues. They also use synchro and clamping flange in design. BRIH 58S and BRID 58S have a 12 mm hollow shaft. All devices of the series are mounting in radial direction.

Incremental encoders with large hollow shaftencoder with through hollow shaft

Models of this type are designed to work with devices of large shaft, for example, medium or big AC motors.

The Baumer encoder with large hollow shaft includes the following series:

  • ITD 40
  • ITD 41
  • HS35F
  • ITD 61
  • ITD 70
  • ITD 75

All devices operate according to the optical measurement principle. These sensors have a high resolution up to 80,000 ppr. The diameter of the hollow shaft is lay in range from 17 to 85 mm. Some units have additional features, such as torque support or shaft isolation. It has simple design for quick and easy installation.

In total, the Swiss company created a 21 series of incremental encoders for basic purpose. Such variety helps customer to choose the most suitable one for the desired application.

On our website, you can find presented series in the category of incremental encoders Baumer.