Baumer sensors: perfect for accurate object recognition


The international German company Baumer has been specialized for many years in the development and production of encoders and sensors as well as other measuring equipment and automation technology.
It is remarkable that all the products of this company occupy leading positions in the world market and are used in many branches of industries.
The first controller was produced in 1952, and today the company is ready to present a whole range of various modifications of sensors, each of which meets the latest advances in the field of sensor technology.

Applications of Baumer sensors

Thanks to modern technologies, Baumer sensors have found wide application in almost any industrial field, but most often they are used in the following industries:

  • drive technology;
  • machine building;
  • logistics and transport (cranes, heavy or rail vehicles);
  • renewable energy (solar and wind);
  • security and alarm systems;
  • automation of productions;
  • oil and gas industry.

Types of Baumer sensors

Baumer sensors have found wide application in various fields of production. All models are shockproof, technological, wear and vibration resistant, have an extended range of operating temperatures and are easy to use.

The main products of Baumer are:

  • laser distance sensors;
  • optical sensors;
  • non-contact photoelectric sensors;
  • capacitive proximity or distance sensors;
  • inductive sensors;
  • ultrasonic proximity sensors.

High performance characteristics of this equipment allow it to be used in any production, light and heavy industry, automation of warehouses, terminals and many other areas. The use of this equipment will help optimize production, as well as organize the necessary level of control and protection.

Baumer sensors benefits

All Baumer sensor models have a number of advantages, including:

  • high EMC index; 
  • one-piece body, which is made of lightweight but durable alloy, providing the required level of protection against accidental shocks and vibrations; 
  • a wide range of software; 
  • protection from possible short circuit (up to 3000mA), it is possible to work with cables transmitting HTL and TTL signals;
  • allow to measure the speed range; 
  • have a reliable protection against stray currents;
  • provide the most accurate measurement in real time;
  • do not require an additional power source;
  • have a high resistance to interference.

But the main thing is that all the equipment of this manufacturer has a two-year warranty, which once again confirms its reliability and high quality.

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