Modular frequency converter Omron 3G3MX2


Omron MX 2 is a modular frequency drive that can also operate as a positioning controller.


  1. General information and main types
  2. Advantages and features

General information and main types

The frequency converter omron mx2 is a modular inverter with a vector type of control. . It is able to work with both synchronous and asynchronous electric motors.

Represented drives can control motors with the range power from 0.1 to 15kW.

According to the basic nominal parameters Omron MX2 are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Single-phase 200V with power from 0.1 to 2.2kW
  2. Three-phase 200V with power from 0.1 to 15kW
  3. Three-phase 400V with power from 0.4 to 15kW

Class 200V with 1 phase includes models: B001, B002, B004, B007, B015, B022.

Class 200V with 3 phases consists of: 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2015, 2022, 2037, 2075, 2110, 2150

Class 400V class with 3 phases consists of the following models: 4004, 4007, 4015, 4022, 4030, 4040, 4055, 4075, 4110, 4150.

All devices belong to the Omron 3G3MX2 series. The first mark of the model indicates device class (B-single-phase 200V, 2-three-phase 200V, 4-three-phase 400V). Next three numbers indicating maximum allowable power of the connected motor (002 = 0.2 kW; 150 = 15 kW).

Presented drive regulates the torque in the vector control mode with open loop. It can operate even at a very low rotation speed, with a frequency just from 0.5 Hz.

The device can also work without additional feedback sensors. This function allows to use it in areas where inverters with closed vector control system are required.

Presented model is quite easy to install because it can work in the most common systems. The connection is made using the RS485 port which integrated into design.

Omron mx2 inveters can be connected to the following industrial networks:Omron mx2 drives image

  • Modbus
  • DeviceNer
  • Profibus
  • Componet
  • EtherCAT
  • ML-II
  • Ethernet/IP

For connect to a PC device has a standard USB port. To simplify synchronization, configuration and work with computers, there is a special CX-Drive software. In addition to the main tasks like motor management, mx2 is able to adjust the speed synchronization, as well as the main functions of positioning.

The synchronization mode is carried out by device independently, without additional equipment. To perform the operation, it is enough just to make the usual parameter settings. Next inverter will start working as a slave in the master-slave mode.

Further control will be carried out pulses up to 32 kHz. For this function, an external pulse generator or an encoder can be used.

Let's look at the main series advantages in detail below.

Advantages and features

The main advantage of 3g3mx2 from another Omron drives is a possibility of performing positioning function. Such option is specifically designed to allow the frequency converter to independently perform simple position controller tasks.

For the user, it is possible to choose not only the starting position, but also up to 8 fixed positions. This allows device using without an additional external controller. Inverter can easy to switch between speed control and positioning.

In addition to the function described above, Omron 3g3mx2 also have a number of advantages:

  • Built-in security functions.
  • Presence of external power source
  • Wide range of programming optionsOmron 3g3 frequency converter image
  • High starting torque

Built-in security functions include a variety of pre-installed tools that increase device security level. Drive MX2 has a set of functions that comply with the requirements of category 3 of ISO 13849-1.

This model does not need to use duplicate contactors for connecting to the safety controller in the motor circuit. Device already has in its design two secure inputs and an output for the EDM.

It allows not only to secure inverter operations but also increase speed of the electrical mounting.

External power source for smooth operation allows to carry out a continuous process in the control circuit, without additional devices. It has a voltage parameter of 24V.

The extensive programming capabilities of the integrated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) make it possible to adjust work in the language of flowcharts in text editor. Device can perform up to 5 tasks simultaneously.

All models of the MX2 series have a built-in PLC, with programming functions. The text editor has an easy and intuitive interface, and also allows to make programs with a length up to 1000 lines.

All functions are fully integrated into the CX-Drive software. Speed synchronization in the inverter can be performed without additional programming.

High starting torque of 200% ensures smooth control even at very low speeds. At the same time, the device is able to operate with a high accuracy level that is necessary for performing fast cyclic operations.

Frequency converters can make torque control independently, without additional feedback sensors. MX2 inverter also successfully perform smooth control with high inertia loads and in fast-changing cycles.

Conclusion: The Omron MX2 frequency converter is a very efficient, almost self-contained device. Presented model removes the need to purchase a large amount of additional equipment. Additional benefits of the inverter are extensive PLC programming functions and the ability to work as a positioning controller.

On our website you can find a catalog of Omron frequency drives.