Baumer encoders: the best decision for heavy industry


Baumer Hubner is a German manufacturer of equipment for heavy industry, in particular sensors and encoders. Durability and accuracy are important criteria in this field as it affects not only plant efficiency, but also the safety of the operating personnel. 

Existing more than 70 years, the company is continuously improving by applying the advanced technology to manufacture its products.

Advantages of Baumer products

The main criterion of company’s products is structural strength. Aluminum housing (or made of high-quality steel), resistance to vibrations and shocks, as well as a wide temperature range make Encoder Baumer indispensable when operating in severe conditions

The terminal box is convenient for connecting the wires, and its cover can be rotated 180 degrees, providing the optimum adaptive capability of the device during installation. Among the Baumer angle sensors there is a large selection of incremental and absolute encoders.

There are four types of Baumer encoders:

  • Absolute encoder. This device is to be used to control the position of the shaft.
    The encoder with the help of a reducer or a battery saves the number of revolutions of the shaft. However, the Baumer Group's equipment is capable of self-generating energy by means of revolutions, which the built-in microgenerator accumulates. This eliminates the need for batteries.
  • Explosion-proof encoder. Is to be installed on the equipment used at a hazardous production.
  • Incremental encoder. This device is designed to determine the rotational speed of the shaft. 
  • Resolver.

The encoder is an angle sensor to control the accuracy of rotating shafts, which is accomplished by an electrical signal into which the device converts the rotation. This device records the angle of rotation of the object and the speed of rotation.

Absolute encoder Baumer

The sensor of this type of rotation angle is used for a wide range of tasks due to the uniqueness of the tracking system.

Absolute encoder benefits:

  • uses to track the position of the shaft code system - a unique value is fixed behind each angular position of the shaft;
  • remembers the current coordinates after the shutdown, that is, information on the position of the rotating object can be obtained immediately after switching on;
  • it is not necessary to set the marks as reference points and look for them after switching on;
  • no need to count pulses.

Types of absolute encoders

  • A single-turn angle sensor detects the position of the shaft within one revolution.
  • A multi-turn encoder is the same single-turn angular displacement sensor, but with a built-in speed counter. The latter remembers the values in its memory even after shutting down, that is, like any other absolute encoder, it remembers the current position of the shaft and, after switching on, does not require a zero point search.

The encoder is relevant in all production areas where rotating instruments are used, the accuracy control of which must be carried out:
in printing machines and cable production - determination of the length when unwinding the coil;
in the packaging industry, for conveyors, elevators and elevators - the angular displacement sensor will measure the speed and position of the shaft; in polygraphy, the position of parts in systems equipped with CNC - for control of xy-coordinates, etc.

Incremental encoder Baumer

An incremental sensor is a device whose main features are:

  • allows you to identify the direction of rotation of the object and speed; 
  • The angular position of the rotating object; 
  • the resolution of the device becomes known by the results of counting the pulses per revolution;
  • does not save the current coordinate when turning off, so after turning on the device, you need to search for the zero point again by turning the shaft.
  • Labels for counting pulses can be set independently.

Baumer incremental encoder benefits:

  • a solid body made of light alloy for excellent protection of the internal parts from vibration and shock; 
  • if the design allows, the bearings are placed at both ends of the shaft; 
  • there is short circuit protection with a maximum current strength of up to 300 mA, such transistors allow working with cables having HTL or TTL signals; 
  • high EMC index;
  • protection against stray currents;

The device is in demand in all areas where there are devices with rotation. In particular, the encoder can be used in:

  • cable production, and also wherever it is necessary to control the unwinding length of the coil;
  • elevators, hoists and conveyors, as well as packaging production for measuring the speed and position of the shaft;
  • systems with numerical control and polygraphy - control of xy-coordinates.

Also, the incremental sensor is actively used in machine tool construction, where angular movement of the shaft is recorded or for speed calculation in automated systems.

Tachogenerator Baumer

The tachogenerator is used in devices with rotation and its main task is to calculate the speed and direction in real time. The Baumer device is one of the best representatives of its type due to its high measurement accuracy and excellent wear resistance.

Features tachogenerator Baumer.

In most cases, the tachogenerator is produced with a solid cylindrical shaft, although variants are also available with a hollow shaft. The fastening type can be either flanges or tabs.
As a voltage release, which is formed during the operation of the device, copper-alkaline contact is used, which is effective due to good sliding properties of graphite, which positively affects the service life.
The possibility of the appearance of oxide on the contact, which leads to an increase in noise in the operation of the device, is reduced by applying a silver track to the copper working surface.

Tachogenerator benefits:

  • high accuracy in measuring speed and direction of rotation in real time;
  • the range of speeds that are measured is greater than 1: 20,000;
  • high resistance to mechanical stress and temperature - the permissible range of exposure to the device varies from -30 to + 130 ° C, while the lower threshold can be lowered to -50 ° C;
  • optionally, protection from the effects of the marine climate and tropics is available;
  • noise immunity during signal transmission;
  • additional power supplies are not needed;
  • the company's proprietary development of HUEBNER Long Life provides excellent signal quality and durability;
  • the presence of various combinations with the common shaft, in particular, can be used as a coupled device, in combination with an incremental encoder or a speed limiter.

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