Siemens Drive Technology: reliability and highest quality



  1. A Bit of Corporative History
  2. What Types of Production Do Siemens Offer
  3. Major Series of Siemens Drives
  4. What Is so Special in These Industrial Drives?
  5. Conclusions

When we talk about quality, we think of Siemens. And this is not surprising. The brand, which for the layman has been inextricably linked with the production of household appliances, telephones, computer equipment for many decades, offers even more high-tech and diverse solutions for industrial purposes. First of all, these are the famous Siemens drives. At Eltra-Trade, we know exactly what makes Siemens drives so remarkable, what are their differences, and where exactly such devices are used. We will be happy to share this information with the readers of our blog.

A Bit of Corporative HistorySiemens History

For nearly 160 years, Siemens has been a pioneer in many industries, inventing new technologies and devices. The founder of the brand, Werner von Simons, became famous for the invention of the pointer telegraph, and then the self-recording telegraph devices. An innovative idea for the 19th century. It is not surprising that this was followed by innovative solutions specifically in the field of telecommunications. At the same time, the company developed the direction of household appliances - it's not for nothing that the products of this brand are still found in many kitchens.

By the end of the twentieth century, the telephone division of the brand began to decline. However, this does not prevent Siemens from developing further, increasing profit indicators and releasing new innovations in the field of electrical engineering. Today the company is a leader in the field of engineering solutions for a wide range of industries, with a staff of about 430,000 employees.

What Types of Products Do Siemens Offer

Siemens primarily specializes in industrial automation systems and digitalization of production. The very philosophy of the brand is that, on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, the effective replacement of human labor with more accurate and reliable automated devices is the key to success. And the ideology of the company is PLM, that is, Product Life Management.

Siemens industrial solutions stand out:

  • Control gear;
  • Identification systems;
  • Automation systems;
  • Industrial software;
  • Control and measuring devices;
  • Analytical products;
  • Distribution systems.

And drives of this company remain one of the most demanded classes of industrial solutions from Siemens.

Major Series of Siemens DrivesSiemens Drive Technology

Siemens drives are designed for stepless speed control of asynchronous motors. The equipment of this brand is manufactured using modern IGBT transistors and logic controllers. This combination of components guarantees high accuracy in maintaining the speed of the electric motor. The main series of actuators from Siemens include the following types of equipment:

  • Siemens Sinamics series includes a great variety of  Siemens medium-voltage drives that are created for numerous agile industrial solutions with DC and medium/low voltages. Their basic features are fast integration in any automated system, high productivity and compact size that allows to use these drives even for the tinniest industrial systems. Sinamics series is constantly developing representing new subseries each year so its range is as wide as possible.
  • Siemens Micromaster combines several series with 4-marking. All of them has similar features that highlight Micromaster drives from another. They are customly developed for various types of industry including water supply, air conditioning, conveyors, elevators, pumps and heating etc. Siemens invertor drives of that series are the most cost-efficient ones in the market.
  • Simoreg DC Master and its ancestor that is Sinamics DCM are a modernized generation of constant current drives, combining the advantages of SIMOREG DC-MASTER and the latest technological advances. Siemens DC converters of that series combine open-loop and closed-loop guides, power section in one device. This provides a compact layout and the ability to use the equipment in confined spaces.
  • High-precision static drives Simovert are among the best in their segment. They are equally suitable for synchronous and asynchronous motors requiring high precision and dynamic tuning. They are perfectly adapted for mechanisms with sharp variable loads, suitable for large lines requiring automation. At the same time, Simovert systems are easily adaptable to any scale of industrial systems due to their modular design.

What Is so Special in These Industrial Drives

For many years, the German concern Siemens has been considered one of the main leaders in the development and manufacture of frequency converters necessary for controlling AC and DC motors. Every Siemens actuator has a consistently high level of performance and durability.

Using the Siemens electric drive, you can solve a number of important tasks:Siemens Variable Frequency Drives

  • Automation of certain technical operations;
  • Control and change the rotation speed of traditional drives;
  • Control the number of revolutions of 3-phase motors in single-phase networks.

Where a variable frequency drive must have a significant control range, Siemens models are ideal.

Regardless of the specific operating parameters, each of Siemens drives will have several significant advantages. Among the main advantages of the devices, experts highlight the promptness of installation. Complete with the products, detailed manuals for the use of the devices are supplied, so there are usually no difficulties with installation and operation.

Electric drives of the world-famous brand have an additional system of protection against negative environmental influences. You can use them to adjust the flow rate of the air used, and in fire protection systems in a region with any climatic conditions.
Another significant plus is the highest efficiency of energy consumption. Siemens specialists work tirelessly to improve this key figure. You can make your engineering system more energy efficient. According to representatives of the launching company, in some cases, energy savings reach 70%.

In a set with each electric drive, not only instructions are delivered, but also the manufacturer's warranty. In the event of breakdowns, problems with the repair of devices during the warranty period, you will not have. However, the presence of factory defects and defects is extremely rare. Siemens drives have proven durability and exceptional reliability.Siemens Drive Technology


The Siemens concern has won the hearts of not only household users, but also industrialists. Its drives have become a key element for the automation of various types of equipment, equipped with servomotors, electric motors, AC and DC devices. A wide range of actuators allows you to choose custom solutions for any situation. And consistently high quality is the guarantee of the operability, efficiency and reliability of any system where the drives of this manufacturer are installed.

The best examples of Siemens drives from all the most demanded series are presented in our online store. If you are looking for original solutions for your industrial goals, we will help you implement them.