Universal solution for industries: IEC Low Voltage Motors from ABB.


ABB Corporation is producer of electric motors for more than 100 years. The range of manufactured equipment includes electric motors almost any purpose and meets the highest requirements of reliability, efficiency and profitability. IEC Low voltage motors meet all international norms and standards and can be applied practically in any field of industry.

ABB Low Voltage Motors are manufactured in accordance with highest industry standards and use the best materials from all over the world. It gives them high quality and reliability, allowing to work more than 30 years.

The electric ABB motors are designed to work flawlessly regardless of the application. Combining the best of the available construction materials with modern technology ABB motors have low operating costs and help to attain the new levels of energy efficiency even in the most severe operating conditions.

There are two types of standard motors:
1.Process performance motors.  This type is a flexible solution for most applications. These motors can be produced in aluminum or cast iron housing. Range of power is from 0,25  to 100 kW. Classes of efficiency:  IE2, IE3, IE3.

2.General performance motors. These motors are designed for standard use for its intended purpose and correspond to most technical requirements of customer due to the extended spectrum of modification possibilities. They have simple and strong design. Material of motors is aluminum or cast-iron. Classes of efficiency:  IE1, IE2, IE3.

Eltra Trade s.r.o. offers any type of low voltage ABB motors such as M3BP, M3AA, M1AA, M2AA, M2BA, M2BAX and others.