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Modular assembly for Memosens CCS120D


Flow fittings

  • Operates at a pressure: 6 bar
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Scope - drinking water, plant farms, wastewater station


Indumax CLS54 Analog Conductivity Sensor

Levelflex FMP57-5JW5/0, LC=4000мм


  • current output - 4-20 mA;
  • conductivity - 2 kHz;
  • adjustable functions - pulse, controller , frequency and so on

Digital measuring cable

  • Protection: IP68
  • Complemented by an adhesive box
  • Simplicity and flexibility in use

Digital sensor

  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • Electrode length: from 120 to 425 mm
  • Max working pressure - 16 bar

Ultrasonic level gauge

  • Measuring range in liquids: 5 m
  • Measuring range in bulk products: 2 m
  • Case material: durable aluminum

Multifunctional flow meter Prowirl F 200, 7F2C2H, DN200 8

Capacitance Point level detection Solicap FTI55

Vibronic Point level detection Liquiphant FTL31

Level switch Liquiphant FTL31, G1, 30 V, PNP, 200 mA, IP65, Valve plug,

Soliswitch FTE30 Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Liquiphant FTL51 vibrating level switch

Liquiphant FTL51B - digital, simple and safe

Proline Promag H 300 electromagnetic flowmeter

Proline Promag H 300 electromagnetic flowmeter

Proline Promag P 200 electromagnetic flowmeter

Proline Promag P 200 electromagnetic flowmeter

Proline Promag W 400 Electromagnetic flowmeter

Proline t-mass B 150 thermal mass flowmeter

Radiometric measurement Synchronizer FHG66

Endress+Hauser is brand of a German company created in 1953 by Swiss mechanic Georg H. Endress and German money agent Ludwig Hauser. The firm manufactures measuring equipment: thermometers, sensors, metres, level sensors, stream measures, system components.

E+H was originally called L Hauser KG and specialized in the promotion of the capacitive level sensor, a product from the UK. The level sensor proved to be in demand in the market, and soon the company opened its own production, gradually expanding it with its own innovative solutions. In the 1980s, E+H products took a leading position in technological equipment in the measurement equipment market due to the introduction of microelectronics into the design solutions of their range.

The beginning fund of L Hauser KG was 2,000 marks. The first "worksite" of the company was located in one of the rooms of Hauser's apartment in Lörrach. It is curious that the name of the company was formed on behalf of the wife of Ludwig Hauser - Louise: in the entry in the commercial register dated February 10, 1953, she was listed as a shareholder. The company has been operating under the title Endress+Hauser from 1957.

Today E+H has its branches in all corners of the world, and the staff is 15 thousand people. Under the E+H brand, a wide range of measuring instruments is produced, applicable in any sector of the economy, and in the international market the company is considered a leader in industrial automation. From a small seller of a single product, Endress+Hauser has grown in a world full-cycle manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions for industrial automation, including conventional and renewable energy.

For 40 years, Georg led Endress Hauser. During this time, he developed the company and entered the market with his products.In 1995, he handed over the leadership to his son Klaus Endress. He continued the tradition started by his father and achieved steady growth of the firm. Matthias Altendorf took over the reins in 2014 and Klaus became President of the Observant Side. Analytik Jena Corporation was acquired.

Endress+Hauser products

The company produces:
• flow meters;
• limit and temperature switches;
• conductometers;
• sensors;
• blocks-amplifiers;
• display modules;
• signaling devices;
• thermometers, resistance thermometers, compact thermometers, modular;
• converters, thermal converters;
• recorders;
• registrars;
• ecographers;
• spark protection equipment;
• power dividers;
• indicators;
• relay;
• converters;
• reading devices;
• monitors;
• spare parts, accessories and components.


Endress Hauser has the following strengths:

  • offers complete solutions;
  • optimizes processes, where it takes into account the requirements for safety and environmental protection and the economic component;
  • high quality products;
  • all devices are tested and have a quality certificate for compliance with accepted international standards;
  • discounts for regular and wholesale customers;
  • operates on six continents.