ABB: ACS880 – universal series of single industrial drives.


One of the main strategies of the leader of industrial automation equipment ABB Company is to constantly grow and develop its production with new technology. New line of industrial drives ACS880 possesses all characteristics of the previous version ACS800 and gives new possibilities.

The main advantage of line of ACS880 drives is its universality. The structure of these drives is developed so that to give customers the unattainable before level of compatibility and high customization regardless of industry and method of application.

These drives are consonant practically with any technological processes, systems of automation, terms of work of users and enterprises. They are designed to work in systems driven by electric motors regardless of industry and of the range of power. Universality is provided by new developments in area of drive designs, directed on simplification of exploitation, optimization of energy consumption and increase of efficiency of technological processes.

The ACS880 series consist of separate drives, groups of drives and drive modules. Also this category includes wall-mounted drives (ACS800-01, ACS800-04) and cabinet-built drives (ACS880-07, ACS880-17, ACS880-37).

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