Schneider Altivar 71: optimal drives for three-phase asynchronous motors in heavy industry


ATV 71 ( Altivar 71) variable speed drive can be used for synchronous and asynchronous motors with power range of 0.37 to 630 kW.
One of the important features of the device is the availability of four types of mains supply, one of variants assuming control of single-phase, and the other three-phase motor.

Depending on the type, the power range values vary within the limits, and the permissible voltage. Such a frequency converter is suitable for asynchronous machines in which there is an open system (or alternative), a transmission speed, and also for synchronous motors in which a sinusoidal EMF is in an open system.

More about the manufacturer.

Schneider Altivar is frequency converters series for a whole range of tasks. The manufacturer has been providing solutions in the field of energy control and construction, as well as in infrastructure and data processing for many years.
Schneider Electric appeared in France in the late thirties, but the real success came fifty years later. Now the company unites several similar companies which are engaged in the production of electrical products and devices as well as telemechanics.
The main goal of the company is to create the ability for efficient technological processes control in a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly way.

Schneider ATV71 benefits

In addition to the compact design and ease of adjustment, which is typical for all Altivar models, these frequency converters are distinguished by the fact that they are suitable for engines with power up to 630 kW.

The main Altivar 71 advantages:

  • the possibility of connecting the motors in parallel;

  • increased output frequency range;

  • high accuracy of maintaining the speed and energy savings for the open drive with a synchronous motor; 

  • the device supports all communication and, which allows to find solutions for individual requests.

Where to use frequency converter:

  • Equipment for cargo transportation. The device controls the brake and also deals with weight measurement, lifting at high speed, etc.

  • Loading and unloading operations.

  • Equipment for packagin. It responds to changes within 2 ms, the possibility of CANopen control. 

  • Textile machines. It maintains the speed regardless of the load, provides extended bandwidth. It is possible to control winding, as well as an asynchronous / synchronous motor.

  • Woodworking equipment. Frequency up to 1600 Hz, there is overvoltage protection and the possibility of control by CANopen. 

  • Technological equipment. It is possible to adjust the speed or torque, connect to the basic communication networks, there is a separation of power for control circuits.

  • Elevators. Brake control, work with the signal of the weighing sensor, the evacuation of passengers, CANopen, etc.

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