Lenze frequency drives are designed to control and regulate operation of the electromotor by adjusting frequency of electric current.

The main task of these electromotors class is to provide good isolation during a possible explosion inside system. For this, all electrical elements are placed in a special shell. It is able to withstand high pressure that appears from the blast wave.

A servomotor is a special kind of engine that can be controlled by using negative feedback to adjust direction, acceleration and rotational speed.

Baumer has created optical sensor aodm 20 for non-contact distance measurement.

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Emotron is a Swiss company, which produces highly efficient, ergonomic and multifunctional frequency inverters.

Vacuum switch is a special device that is used to extinguish an electric arc in vacuum. Appliance is designed to monitor and control the rated currents and prevent the effects of short circuits.

Transducers with closed-loop system are designed to create a compensation current in the secondary coil. That allows to create special flux, which is measured by operation of Hall generator.

Three-phase induction motor is the most common type of AC motors in the world. Its main feature is that three-phase windings are installed on the stator.

The Lenze electric motor is the heart of many industrial systems. Due to this device, a huge number of mechanisms and processes are set in motion.

Pressure sensors are special devices that convert pressure value into a digital signal. Siemens SITRANS P have advantages over other brands by its technical characteristics and reliability in use.

Linear encoders measure linear movements of an object and convert them into a special signal. Such equipment as linear transducers and linear sensors are tied to the scale which encodes the position of detail.

Eltra Encoder is a sensor with an excellent set of technical characteristics and operational capabilities at a low price. The manufacturer produces a wide range of absolute and incremental encoders, magnetic and optical, multiturn and singleturn and other.

Encoder is a position and speed sensor that converts angular or linear movement of a shaft into a series of electrical digital pulses. Encoders are subdivided into incremental (magnetic, optical, with hollow-shaft, with a blind-shaft), absolute (single-turn and multi-turn, magnetic and optical) and linear (absolute potentiometers, magnetostrictive transducers).

Univer Group is one of the most recognized leaders in the field of pneumatic automation: pneumatic cylinders, valves, grippers, power clamps and other.

New magnetic multi-turn absolute encoder AAM 36 (ø 36 mm).

Baumer Company produces wide range of different sensors. You can choose optical, distance, non-contact photoelectric, capacitive, inductive, ultrasonic proximity sensors and many other types.

The family of Siemens SITRANS F flowmeters includes: SITRANS F US ultrasonic flowmeters, SITRANS FM electromagnetic flowmeters, SITRANS FC Coriolis flowmeters, SITRANS FX vortex flowmeters

The ABB Group provides a full range of engines among which there are: low-voltage asynchronous motors, explosion proof motors, electric motors of general purpose, motors for high temperature, motors with brake and etc.

IFM Electronic is the leading manufacturer of process automation equipment from Germany, which has more than eight thousand items, among them: proximity sensors, magnetic cylinder sensors, capacitive proximity and level sensors, flow, liquid and gas flow sensors, electronic temperature sensors, object recognition systems, encoders, pressure sensors etc.

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