Eltra ETMA/EBMA: The perfect match.

A high quality measuring the displacements due to the teamwork of ETMA encoder and EBMA magnetic band.

ABB Softstarters: Prevention of water hammering with torque control

ABB  torque control function is developed in conjunction with pump manufacturers to ensure the best possible pump stop, eliminating problems with water hammering and pressure surges.

Baumer HeavyDuty encoders: tough in operation - precise in application.

Baumer Hubner encoders and sensors have a robust mechanical design, reliable electronics under the toughest conditions, work reliably and durably in 24/7 mode.

Eltra presents new encoder EAMH with parallel output.

Solid shaft EAMH 58 - EAMH 63 (ø 58-63 mm) series of optical multiturn absolute encoders, with parallel or SSI electronics are useful for applications that require high accuracy, even in extended linear displacements.

Siemens radar transmitters: best solution for changeable conditions

Radar measurement technology uses a non-contact method. Since microwaves do not require a carrier medium, the measurement is almost not affected by the process atmosphere (vapor, pressure, dust or high temperatures).

Eltra Sensing Technology: explosion-proof ATEX encoders.

If your industry is connected with hazardous substances or flammable materials you will prevent explosions using developed line of Eltra ATEX encoders.

EMOTRON VFX 2.0: the best decision for highly dynamic mechanisms.

VFX 2.0 is the series of universal drives from Emotron (CG Drives&automation), designed for precision control of speed and torque of induction motors.

EBM-Papst: perfect centrifugal fans for AC motors.

EBM-Paps offers many items in this line. Centrifugal fan ebm papst is available with two types of impellers: with backward- and forward-curved blades. All fans are with external rotor motors.

Schneider Electric: perfect control of the pumps with Altivar Process 630.

Altivar Process is the first in the world solution for controlling pumps integrated in drives. They are designed to ensure continuity of the process.