The task of remote sensors is to measure distance, which is an important factor in the industrial processing. The measurements are based on optical and ultrasonic methods

Stabilized power supplies LOGO! Power are intended for supplying LOGO! modules, for power output and input circuit, as well as any other loads. They provide stability of the output voltage, protection of the load against short circuits, can be used both in industrial and office environments.

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Siemens offers SITOR fuses, which are fast-acting NH fuse links. These are electrical devices that protect equipment, installations or lines from short circuits, as well as from severe overloads.

The electric motor is used in almost all industrial machines. It converts electrical energy into mechanical one. Electric motors are divided into two main types: a DC motor and an AC motor.

The MICROMASTER 440 converter can be used to solve tasks requiring drive with a large regulation range. Most of all, it is suitable for use on conveyors, extruders, in the food industry, packaging and textile industries. The converter is characterized by high performance and comfortable use.

Frequency converters ABB improve the operation of the electric drive, reduce the wear of mechanical elements and increase the service life of the mechanism. Frequency converters allow optimizing the operation of the equipment and automating the technological process.

Pepperl & Fuchs has developed solutions for all areas of automation, logistics and technological processes. Corporation specializes in innovative sensors of all types. In the wide range of products you can choose sensors, encoders, positioning and identification systems, industrial communication and other.

Pepperl+Fuchs specializes in the production of electronic devices, in particular, proximity inductive sensors and encoders. The manufacturer's products are applicable in all industries.

Three-phase frequency converter Siemens Micromaster 430 is universal solution to control speed of small and large capacity electric motors. Depending on the model, the converters are designed for power from 7.5 to 250 kW.


High-quality frequency converters of SINAMICS series are designed for different applications: from simple solutions for pumps and fans to highly dynamic servo drives for machine tools, packaging and printing machines.

Siemens electric motor is the most efficient and reliable drive, providing the user with enormous opportunities for use in industrial production.

Baumer Group is a German international company that has become popular due to the production of high-quality sensor and measuring equipment (sensors, encoders, etc.). The manufacturer's products are applicable in all industries.

German company Sick is one of the leaders in producing of smart sensors and sensor systems for all areas of automation, logistics and technological processes.

Standard vector frequency inverter for 3-phase motors in the range of 0.37 to 630 kW.

List of the produced items is more than 8,000 devices of different sensors, safety and Identification systems, connection technology and other automation equipment.

Frequency converter Siemens Micromaster 420 is designed to control the speed of rotation of three-phase low-voltage motors with alternating current in the network. The rotation speed is measured by using of a Volt-Frequency method.

The Eltra produces a new series of linear encoder - the TMAA Absolute Magnetic Linear Sensor.

Siemens Sitrans flowmeters can be used to measure any gases and liquids in any conditions.

The miniature incremental Eltra encoder has compact size and is the best solution for industrial automation, robotics, esprcially for AC motors and reducers.

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