High-quality frequency converters of SINAMICS series are designed for different applications: from simple solutions for pumps and fans to highly dynamic servo drives for machine tools, packaging and printing machines.

Siemens electric motor is the most efficient and reliable drive, providing the user with enormous opportunities for use in industrial production.

Baumer Group is a German international company that has become popular due to the production of high-quality sensor and measuring equipment (sensors, encoders, etc.). The manufacturer's products are applicable in all industries.

German company Sick is one of the leaders in producing of smart sensors and sensor systems for all areas of automation, logistics and technological processes.

Standard vector frequency inverter for 3-phase motors in the range of 0.37 to 630 kW.

List of the produced items is more than 8,000 devices of different sensors, safety and Identification systems, connection technology and other automation equipment.

Frequency converter Siemens Micromaster 420 is designed to control the speed of rotation of three-phase low-voltage motors with alternating current in the network. The rotation speed is measured by using of a Volt-Frequency method.

The Eltra produces a new series of linear encoder - the TMAA Absolute Magnetic Linear Sensor.

Siemens Sitrans flowmeters can be used to measure any gases and liquids in any conditions.

The miniature incremental Eltra encoder has compact size and is the best solution for industrial automation, robotics, esprcially for AC motors and reducers.

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The simple design of Eltra encoder EML 50 series allows to adapt it to different conditions.

Компания Eltra Trade является торговым домом пневматического оборудования Univer Group (Италия) на рынке СНГ (Россия, Беларусь, Молдова, Казахстан, Украина, и др.). Мы предлагаем лучшие цены и условия поставки напрямую из Словакии.

Компания Eltra Trade расширяет карту поставок энкодеров Eltra в страны СНГ.

Brief overview of the main pneumatic cylinder types of one of the market leaders UNIVER trade-mark.

IFM efector flow sensors are solid-state alternatives to mechanical flow switches for sensing the flow rate of coolants and lubricants.

Preventing accidents, saving time, money and resources and precise measurement, even in applications where there is movement with Pepperl+Fuchs new technology.

 Eltra performes multi-turn absolute encoder in the assembly kit version for integration with motors carrying out the role of Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The main purpose of safety light devices is controlling of hazardous areas where the movement of engine parts can be dangerous for humans. Thanks to the light curtains and grids a proper stopping of dangerous movement of the facilities is provided.

ABB successfully comissioned offshore wind transmission link DolWin2 wind connection.

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